Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Jr Jazz

Cayden played his first year of Jr Jazz this year. His team was a little under par, but it was a good learning experience for Cayden. He loves basketball and was so excited to get to play this year. He is SO tall and played center pretty much the whole time. We look forward to another great season next year!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Peacock Family Game Night

We get together with Rob's family for all sorts of fun times. This month, James and Brooke planned a Peacock family game night. We had pizza, treats, and mostly we had a great time!
Sweet Jaxson had a great time and loved seeing everyone!

Uncle James getting lots of practice for his future babies :o)
Nena brought a new game (I can't remember what it was called) but it was really quite strange. As you can see from the photos, it had everyone doing some pretty odd things and had us all laughing!
Lori and Suzanne had way too much fun!
Janet and James
Nena and Bryan explaining the rules
Sadie loved playing with her cousin, Brooke. She even let Sadie look at her pretty necklace
Cute Brooke
Jaxson also loved playing with Brooke
Hanging out and chatting
Jaxson and Brooke
Sadie loving her ice cream cone
Brooke, James, and Isaac
Now THIS is trouble! Nick, Isaac, Cayden, and Alex
Rob and Marci
Brooke and James - the lovebirds!

Camera wars with Brooke
Sadie loves her Grandpa Peacock!
So cute! Me and James
Sadie and McKell
Hanging out and chatting over dinner

Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentines Day Celebrations

(Above: Ashlee made this "Valentines Treat" for me. It is something made of mushed up bread, cinnamon, and rainbow sprinkles. YUM!)

It was a little strange having Valentines Day on a Sunday this year. But we had a great time. We had a special "romantic" dinner and even ate on the nice dishes on the dining room table with sparkling cider and cheesecake with strawberries. I love having fun family traditions!Ashlee and McKell made these cute pictures to decorate our home for Valentines

I had so much fun making some Valentines banners with my friends, Dorey and Regina! This is my XOXO banner.
McKell and Ashlee made these cute Valentines at school. They traced their hands and then cut them out and glued them in the "Love" sign.
This was our yummy Valentines dinner - chicken cordon bleu, cranberry tossed salad, twice baked potatoes, homemade rolls, and fresh asparagus. YUM!
CHEERS! Our fancy Valentines dinner
Keeping with Neilson tradition, we had to "kick Valentines". I still don't know why the rest of the world doesn't do this, but it is what we did ever Valentines growing up. You put Valentines on the front doorstep, knock or "kick" the door, and run. This year the kids got treats, and cute little stuffed animal monkeys. (Although I think this picture is awful! It looks like a bunch of dead monkeys on the doorstep! LOL!)
My cute romantic boys. Every year Rob and Cayden give flowers to me and the girls. I love that Cayden helps Rob do this. It teaches him how to be a romantic guy like his Dad!
Cute McKell
Sweet Ashlee
Our yummy cheesecake and fresh strawberries
Beautiful flowers from the boys
I just had to take these pictures of Rob and Jaxson on Valentines. Jaxson LOVES to have his head stroked (just like his mommy!).

SO sweet! Jaxson loves his daddy!
We were SO excited to get a special package all the way from England! Rob's sister, Jenny, sent us a wonderful Valentine's package with lots of treats, little bears, and candy from England which the kids thought was so fun! Thanks Jenny!!

My sweet Jaxson boy

A picture can speak a thousand words, so I don't need to say much. Except for the fact that I LOVE this baby boy! He is such a joy to us and is the sweetest little boy in the world! He is now sitting up, rolling all over, and up on all fours all ready to crawl. He loves his bouncy chair, johnny jumper, bumbo seat, and recently was introduced to Biter Biscuits which he LOVES! He makes the funniest little sound that sounds like "Scuttle" on The Little Mermaid when he tries to sing. It is hilarious. He also gives THE best gummy smiles around! He loves me so much, but when Daddy comes home, he is a Daddy's boy for sure! It is pretty darn cute. I cannot believe that he is almost 7 months! I really just need him to slow down and stay a baby as long as possible!!