Friday, May 20, 2011

Two Peas in a Pod

These two are the best of friends. Where you find one of them, you usually will find the other. It makes my heart so happy that they are so close and love each other so much! When we decided to have Sadie, we knew we would be having another baby after her so she wouldn't be the "lone caboose". It is the best decision ever! I have no doubt that God sent these two angels to our family at the exact right time. Their little personalities are so different but they fit like a perfect jigsaw puzzle. Sadie is full of life, energy, opinions, and is a very strong little person. Jaxson has always been sweet, laid back, easy going, and pretty much just goes with the flow. They make a perfect pair!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Happy 9th Birthday Ashlee & McKell!!

My beautiful girls turned 9 years old today! NINE!? Where in the world did 9 whole years go? It honestly just seems like yesterday that I was in a hospital room in Boise, Idaho giving birth to these amazing precious girls. Ashlee coming first with just a few pushes and McKell having to be literally pulled into the world with one arm behind her back and born breech. Their births gave a very clear forecast of their personalities to this day! They are both growing into such beautiful young ladies. I love that they look different, act different, have different interests, and totally different and unique personalities! I love that they are the best of friends and have a special unbreakable bond between them. Happy 9th birthday, my beautiful girls!
Such silly girls! They keep each other laughing all the time!
For their 9th birthday party, Ash and McKell decided to have a birthday luau.
I LOVE this photo! Little girls being little girls...giggling and whispering to each other.
The Bounce house was a big hit!
We had yummy Hawaiian pizza, Hawaiian punch, and Hawaiian fruit

This photo of Sadie makes me laugh. She spent hours in that bounce house and loved every minute!

So happy that Korbin could come join us. He and Sadie had a blast!

Two of a kind! These two, often referred to as the "village idiots" are best buddies and never stop laughing, goofing off, and usually causing trouble! We love Brett!

I made the mistake of letting McKell watch "Cake Boss" a few months ago and she has been begging since then for a "Cake Boss Birthday Cake". Since we weren't going to fly to New Jersey and I wasn't going to spend a mint on a cake, I decided to try it myself. This is my first attempt ever of working with fondant, layers, etc. I was pretty happy with the outcome.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My little Sadie Jayne

Sadie Jayne
My sweet little Sadie Jayne is growing up before my very eyes. My baby girl is set on being a "big girl" no matter how hard I try to keep her little. She is all about being a princess and is a girl with a mind of her own. Sadie is the ray of sunshine in our family!
We have reached a "fun" stage with Sadie where she will ONLY wear dresses and skirts and it is ALL about the twirl. If it isn't a "twirly dress" it is definitely a hard sell. I would probably be more frustrated if it weren't for the fact that I was the exact same way when I was little. I remember spending hours "twirling" to make sure my dresses were sufficiently twirly. So now I am getting my "come up-ins" with my own little twirly dress princess!

Poor little princess is all tuckered out after a long day at church!