Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Neilson Family Halloween Party 2009

We had the annual Neilson Family Halloween party at our home again this year and it was a blast! We had yummy soup that everyone brought, donuts, and homemade root beer. It is one of my favorite events! The picture above is of our family. We make quite a festive group!
Poor little Korbin didn't want to wear Jay's awful wig!
The piggy getting his groove on!
Wow, now THAT is true love!
We always tend to have way too much fun with the costumes!
Delicious soups!
Elise and Braden came all the way from Virginia!
So GROSS! Ian and Heidi took the prize for the most disgusting!
The two pink friends
The Quists
Elise and cute little pumpkin Braden
Heather, Mary and Ben
Becca and Madi - Risky Business
Isn't he just the cutest little devil!?
Look at those thighs!
Michelle and Family
Jaxson and Madi
Looks like JuliAnn got knocked up by the milkman! (She really is pregnant with their first baby!)
Lexi and Korbin
Jay won the prize for the best costume for sure! He always shocks and amazes us with his creativity. This year he dressed up as the Swine Flu. Those are little piggies on the front of him. And of course he had to wear Mexican poncho and sombrero to honor the swine flu origin. So disturbing!

Random Fall Photos

Cayden had a great season of soccer. He is getting really good and improving every year. He has an awesome coach and a great team. Go Red Tigers!!

Sadie has been obsessed with a program we recorded featuring the BYU dance teams called "The World of Dance." She spend hours watching it and imitating all of the different dance styles. We recently had to add costumes as well. As you can see, this is her folk-dance outfit.
We were SO excited for my niece, Heidi, to get home from her mission in Brazil. She and McKell are best buddies so McKell was dying for her to come home. We love Heidi and are so proud of her and happy she is home!
Heidi and Miriam
The proud missionary parents
Dad and Shawn in deep conversation
Sadie loved playing with Miriam and Paul's "Puppy" at Heidi's homecoming.
The Monsons
Jay and Heather
Our little Jaxson boy is getting so big! I can't believe he is almost 4 months old! We pulled out the "Boppy" seat and he loves it! He thinks he is quite the big boy sitting on the counter in his Boppy.

Sadie is such a doting big sister and loves "Baby Daxson". She always has to get "Baby Tisses" (kisses) when she sees Jaxson.
Jaxson has started "talking" to us lately. It is so sweet to hear him coo. He is such a sweet little baby. We love talking with him.
Sadie just couldn't help herself. When we pulled out the Boppy seat that used to be hers, she just had to hop in for old time's sake.
Our awesome soccer player!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hee Haw Farms 2009

We took our annual trip down to Hee Haw farms. This is a fun family tradition that we have done since we moved back to Utah. It is such a fun place and the kids love it. Jon and the kids joined us this year as well. We had such a great time!!