Saturday, April 24, 2010

NPA 5K Fun Run 2010

Every year, the kids' school, Navigator Pointe Academy does a 5K fun run fundraiser. This is the first year that we have been able to attend. The kids took it very seriously and spent days pounding the pavement to collect sponsors for them. They all raised enough money to earn a special lunch with the school director, Mrs Farris. They also wond some addition prizes including a big box of firecrackers and passes to Hollywood Connection.

They all did the 5K and did a great job. We borrowed a jogging stroller for Sadie and Jaxson and Rob pushed them through the route. I had just had a back procedure the night before so I couldn't do the fun run at all.

I was very proud of my kids and their hard work to earn money for their school. We love our school and are happy to do anything we can to help raise money for the great programs and curriculum at NPA,
Our littlest racers in the jogging stroller
Rob did a great job encouraging the kids and cheering them on while running with them.
Cayden did a great job!
NcKell was a speedy little racer!
Go Daddy!!!
Ashlee was a great racer!
There was a great turnout and it was really fun for the kids to see so many of their friends from school at the fun run.
McKell's certificate.
Way to go Team Peacock!!!
Sadie and Jaxson did great and loved being in the stroller together.
Ash and McKell and their wonderful art teachers Ms Packham and Mrs. Fowler.
Sadie is ready to eat!! They had a yummy pancake breakfast at the end of the race.
Sadie taking a turn with the stroller. (Jaxson wasn't inside! :o)
Sadie showing us her racing skills.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend 2010

The Easter Bunny left some great loot on Easter Saturday. Lots of candy, clothes, and fun little toys. Of course the kids got their kites that they get every year for Easter. Unfortunately, we didn't have kite flying weather, more like sleigh riding weather. We still had a fun weekend which was also spring break AND General Conference. A very fun and busy weekend!

Jaxson on Easter, watching conference with Daddy
Sadie loves her new foam puzzle letters from the Easter Bunny
Easter Saturday Morning 2010
Our cute little Easter boy - Jaxson's first Easter
Cool little Easter dude!
Our family Easter egg hunt in our house
McKell on the hunt for her eggs

The annual Peacock Easter egg hunt. Grandma Peacock explaining the rules of the hunt.

Jaxson got right in on the action!

We also celebrated Uncle Jay's birthday over Easter weekend!

The Neilson Easter Egg Hunt

Sadie and Nate on the hunt
Papa helping Sadie find her eggs. They are the best of friends!
McKell was SO excited to get one of the coveted golden eggs with money inside

I love my Daddy!
Our "Golden Girls" = Jaydee, McKell, and Ashlee all found golden eggs this year!

Jay and Jared

It was too cold for Jaxson to be outside, so he stayed inside with Brian. He did great until he saw us outside through the window and then it was all over. Look at that sad face!