Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Sadie!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Peacock Family Reunion

This year, Rob's sister Nena and her husband Bryan did the Peacock Family Reunion. To say that is was amazing would be an understatement! Above is the awesome cabin that we stayed in. We headed to Heber and had a total of 3 cabins, with the main cabin being about 5,000 square feet. We did all of our meals, games, etc. together in the main cabin. Bryan and Nena did a TON of work to make this a great reunion. They did all of the meals (YUM!) and had great activities and games. It was one of the best reunions we have ever had!

Cute Christian
Sweet little Jaxson boy got spoiled being held so much by everyone

Juliann - the hag
Brian and Suzanne
James and Brooke getting in some practice for their own baby someday
Jeff and Lori
Me and Rob
Grandpa and Grandma Peacock
McKell loves her daddy!
One of the higlights was the pool tables. They were always in use. This is Cayden with some of his Peacock cousins.
Jeff and Brooke
Good buddies - Cayden and his Grandpa
Brooke and Lori
Two of the most AWESOME people I know - Bryan and Nena. They did a GREAT job on the reunion!
Sadie was in rare form at the reunion. She was quite the little clown. We cracked up at her "morning hair" on Saturday. Everyone said she looked like a "Hoo down in Hoo-Ville" She especially took a liking to Bryan, who did the cooking. She would yell "Bynee" and give him big hugs. (She's no dummy. She knows how to get food!)
We had a projection TV in our Cabin so the kids got to have movie parties every night. They thought this was great!

Madeline and Erin
Isaac and Alex
Good Friends - Cayden and Andrew

Hannah, Nathan, and McKell
Jon and Ju Ju
Kami and Nena
Grandma and Jaxson