Monday, August 23, 2010

Pinewood Derby 2010

Pinewood Derby time has rolled around again this year. It actually fell on our 14th wedding anniversary. I was kind of sad when I realized that this would by Cayden's last Pinewood Derby. He has really enjoyed doing the Pinewood Derby and it has been a fun even every year for our family.

This year, Cayden chose a "Harry Potter" themed car. He has really gotten into Harry Potter this past year and has read every book, some of them twice. So he designed the car, painted it, etc. and did such a great job of it!

For the past few years, the boys have done a test run before the actual race which allows them to make last minute adjustments, etc. Rob had planned on being able to do this, so he didn't completely align Cayden's wheels before we came. It was pretty hectic with check in, weigh in, etc. and the next thing we knew, they had started the race. Needless to say, Cayden's car didn't do as well as we had hoped. He was pretty disappointed, especially because he had worked so hard and it was such a simple thing that could have been fixed so easily.

That being said, it was a good experience for him to learn good sportsmanship and be able to really support his scouting buddies. It also helped him feel better that after the race, Rob aligned his wheels properly, and his race time was much faster than the 1st place winner.

It also helped tremendously when he won the "Best Paint Job" award, especially because he designed and painted the car all on his own. We are very proud of him and the hard work he did.

Cayden's den was over the flag ceremony tonight and Cayden conducted it. He did a great job. It was also really fun having Grandpa and Grandma there to cheer him on.
McKell and Ashlee also wanted to do a car this year. McKell chose a "dance" themed car. She designed and painted it. Hers looked like a sparkly pink ballet slipper. Ashlee chose to do an alligator car. She did a great job coming up with the idea, design, etc. When we were painting her car, Ashlee painted a few of the alligator's teeth gold and said she wanted it to look like Grandpa. They had fun racing their cars after the actual race was done.Cayden's Harry Potter car. He wanted his to represent the "House of Gryffindor"
Sadie was really amazed by the whole thing.

What a good looking Webelo Scout with a good looking Car!