Friday, September 16, 2011

Ear Tubes for Jaxy Boy

Sadie is our only child that hasn't had ear infections and ear tubes. It all started with Cayden who had chronic ear infections from the time he was only 2 months old. When he was 6 months old, he finally had tubes. When the twins were born, we knew what to look for and sure enough they both started having ear infections from the very beginning. McKell was so little when she got her tubes at age 2 months and Ashlee only 5 months when she got her first set of tubes. She has since had another set put in and may have to have another. Sadie came along and we just assumed she would need tubes, but nope. She was just fine.

When Jaxson was born, we again watched for signs. He had a few really bad ear infections that our pediatrician misdiagnosed as "swimmer's ear" when in reality, he had ruptured his eardrum. This happened twice. After realizing that he wasn't talking much, we took him to our great ENT, Dr Kelley. He agreed that he needed tubes and a hearing test showed that he had hearing loss in both ears, but didn't think that was permanent. So a few months ago, we decided to get tubes. But Jaxson had other plans. He had developed a really bad cough that morning and they refused to do surgery if he had a cough. Instead, we spent the morning in the ER getting a breathing treatment for croup.

Following that, he didn't have as many infections, so we thought it was okay. But upon a follow up with the ENT, we realized that he still had fluid behind his ears and couldn't hear. We scheduled tubes again, and this time we did it!

Jaxson did great going with the dr. And his recovery was perfect and he was back to his normal silly adorable self in no time.

Since then, his vocabulary has exploded. He is talking so much and saying so many words. For weeks after his surgery, the other kids would say, "Thanks Mom and Dad for getting Jaxson his tubes. Now we can talk to him!" We couldn't agree more!
Hanging out at Primary Children's in Riverton just waiting for his turn.

He was happy and had fun playing while he waited for his turn.
It was hard for me when they came to take my baby boy away. But he loved getting to ride in the car to the operating room and seemed very happy. The surgery went great and we are thankful

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